Marie Curie, the Courage of Knowledge

Film introduced by Dr. Helen O’Shea from the Department of Biological Sciences at CIT. Director - Marie-Noëlle

Presented at the CIT Rory Gallagher Theatre with the support of CIT Arts Office.
Tuesday 6th @ 6.30pm
The screening is co-organized by the Polish Embassy in Dublin.
Price: free entrance. 120 seats
95 minutes. Poland-Germany-France, 2016, Subtitled


Marie Curie, the Courage of Knowledge

Discover the life of Marie Skłodowska-Curie, the famous award winning female scientist, struggling for the recognition of her work in a world dominated by men.

The film covers six years of her life and begins in 1905, just before the death of her husband Pierre Curie, and between her two Nobel Prizes. It depicts her work, the xenophobia from the French press and misogyny she suffered from the scientific community, but also shows another aspect of her life: the scandalous extramarital relationship she had with Paul Langevin, an ex-student of her deceased husband.

Tuesday 6th @ 6.30pm / CIT Rory Gallagher Theatre

Notes by Marie-Pierre Richard

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